- Hand dyed cotton; care instructions -

I use professional materials like Procion MX dye (no food colouring!) to dye my cotton. I´ve made it with utmost care and dedication. Please know that it's handmade: the skeins may come from the same dye bath, but still be a little different from each other. To me, that's what makes hand dyed yarn so special. The entire process of skeining, soaking, dyeing, rinsing, drying and re-skeining takes about 3 days for each skein.

Although this yarn is colour fast, it's normal to bleed a little in the first (few) wash(es).
I recommend washing the finished item the first time separately, preferably by hand. Use both just a little washing detergent and fabric softener if you like, but please don’t let it soak for hours especially because some fabric softeners can be really aggressive.

Your finished item can be machine laundered on 30 degrees celsius/ cold, but I recommend hand washing for longevity of material and colours.   

Have fun with it!

Kind regards,


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